Fundraising Drive for the 2018 Women's Africa Club Championship

Gayaza, Kampala: 25 February 2018

VVC Coach Hannington always knew there would be pressure heading into the final of the 2018 Joan Cox championship. Not only was Hannington trying to win the championship but also wanted to tactically engage his players ahead of the 2018 African Women Club Championship in Cairo next week. The fact that Hannington advanced to the final dropping only a match to the eventual winners heightened expectations.

“We knew if we tried the game we had been working on, we’d do well as long as the new players were blending into the team tactics. I’m proud of my team for how well they played. Obviously there’s a lot more pressure in the final, but we made sure to keep together, we lost that one and its tough, but we wanted to make sure we were doing exactly what we were working on all this time, because we know that will lead us to better play where we are headed. Some few mistakes cost us crucial points but other than that we had a strong game which shows progression. We’ve had an incredible preparation as a team, and to top it off this way feels amazing, we’re also so grateful for the support we’ve received from our fans and well wishers” explained Hannington.

“We came up short and it never feels good, we really wanted to bag this to make a statement going into the season. It’s always tough when you lose, especially when it’s the final, it’s a pity we didn’t play well today but it was a great experience for us, especially heading into the Africa Women Club Championship next week.” said team captain Maggie Namyalo. “We didn’t do it this time, it doesn’t mean we won’t do it next time.” she assured

With this gone, VVC can now turn its attention to the 2018 Africa Women Club Championship in Cairo – Egypt from the 5th -15th March 2018. Head Coach Hannington will have a few things to work on heading into the tournament, where he will battle the continent’s best teams to earn the right to represent Africa at the Club World Championship.

VVC are hoping to be there and be that team at the end of the podium but if not they want to make sure that Uganda as a country is best represented.

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